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MARA, an award-winning line of algae-infused skincare and wellness products, was excited to join Sephora’s “Clean + Planet Positive” program but needed a trusted partner to help neutralize the brand’s carbon footprint. And that’s where Climate Vault came in.

Climate Vault worked closely with MARA to estimate and neutralize the carbon footprint of its business operations. After meeting the program’s requirements, MARA is now a featured brand at Sephora locations nationwide.

We’re proud to partner with Climate Vault, who helped MARA meet Sephora’s ‘Clean + Planet-Positive’ requirements. From our ingredients to our business operations, we embrace sustainability and are dedicated to preserving our planet and its oceans. Allison McNamara, Founder, MARA

Allison McNamara, MARA’s visionary founder, knows the incredible value of our planet’s natural resources – especially our oceans. She spent two years developing the MARA proprietary algae blend, and its award-winning formulas helps customers #SeatheGlow. Now, with their Climate Vault partnership, MARA can embrace sustainability from its products to its carbon neutral operations, which protect our planet and its oceans.

The Climate Vault Solution

Through Climate Vault, MARA met Sephora’s carbon neutrality requirements.

Step 1

MARA, an award-winning line of algae-infused skincare and wellness products, needed to neutralize its scope 1 and 2 business operations emissions as part of Sephora’s “Clean + Planet Positive” program.

Step 2

MARA partnered with Climate Vault to estimate its carbon footprint, including natural gas consumption and purchased electricity. After calculating MARA’s environmental impact in metric tons, Climate Vault purchased emission allowances (1 allowance = 1 metric ton) from compliance markets to prevent polluters from using them. This immediately neutralized MARA’s carbon footprint in a quantifiable and verifiable way.

Step 3

Ultimately, Climate Vault will leverage the value of these immediate reductions to fund the most promising scalable & permanent carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects in the world today – including potential solutions that leverage the natural power of our oceans – to eliminate historical pollution in our atmosphere.
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