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Introducing Climate Vault Solutions

We believe climate action should be simple and trustworthy. Instead, it’s a confusing web of carbon accounting standards, reporting frameworks, non-governmental offset registries, ratings agencies, accreditation programs, and more, all attempting to answer a simple question: “Is my ton really a ton?”

With Climate Vault, the answer won’t keep you up at night. Unlike alternatives, the Climate Vault Ton delivers immediate CO2 reduction today, then converts to automatic CO2 removal tomorrow. Together, our software and expertise can help you quantify your carbon footprint, make better-informed decisions, and support meaningful, timely action.

Turn insight into action

Precision. Transparency. Trust.

Our Climate Solutions Platform helps you get your arms around your organization’s emissions profile, simplifying your path to sustainability reporting compliance, stakeholder engagement, and effective climate action.

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Top talent demands substantive climate action.

According to Deloitte, 69% of workers expect their companies to invest in reducing climate emissions. Climate Vault Solutions enables a range of climate actions, including removing employees’ personal carbon footprints.

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Your audience cares about climate.

The Climate Vault Event Calculator measures the carbon impact of your venue plus attendee travel, local commutes, meals, lodging, and supplies for events of any size – and reduces the entire footprint to publicly demonstrate your climate commitment.

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Your customers care about climate.

Recent research reveals that products backed by genuine sustainability claims enjoy greater success in the marketplace. Stay in front of evolving customer requirements by using Climate Vault Solutions to measure, reduce, and remove your products’ emissions footprints.

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A simpler, verified way to carbon-neutral investment.

Concern about climate change is the number one reason cited by fund managers for excluding investments from their portfolio, but has limited impact on achieving actual emissions reductions. Climate Vault Solutions provides a simpler, more grounded approach to achieving measurable climate action.

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Accelerate Climate Solutions

Making progress on long-term climate goals will require removal of existing atmospheric carbon dioxide. With Climate Vault, your investment in emissions reductions today can turn into action that supports Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), resulting in verifiable emissions removal tomorrow.  The Climate Vault Tech Chamber, composed of leading climate experts and scientists, evaluates emerging CDR solutions that will be used to remove carbon dioxide and safely store it for generations. 

New: Climate Action Report

The hard data you need to take action.

Climate Vault Carbon Champions

Recognizing commitment to credible climate action.


worth of societal benefits Climate Vault and our partners have created by taking credible carbon action.

How does the Climate Vault approach work for your business?

Learn how Climate Vault can measure your emissions and reduce your organization's carbon footprint in days, not decades.

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