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Climate change is a data problem.

And that means you need data solutions. You increasingly need to demonstrate your precise environmental footprint – and precisely what steps you are taking to counter it. Climate Vault’s Event Emissions Calculator and other custom measurement services provide the numbers you need to satisfy demands and rest assured in your action.

Precision impact for your events.

Your events already put you in front of your audience. Now, they can also link your audience directly to your carbon action. The Climate Vault Event Emissions Calculator determines the footprint of your entire event – including the venue, attendee travel, local commutes, food, lodging, and supplies. Knowing your numbers enables you to determine what you want to neutralize, and to showcase your initiative in real time.

Comprehensive calculations for your operations.

Accounting for your company’s carbon is incredibly complex. Even more so when you get into evaluating scope 3 emissions and neutralizing your entire supply & value chains. You can work in any industry – Climate Vault’s measurement software and specialists will evaluate your company’s operations and calculate your entire corporate carbon footprint, including scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions, so you can take the most precise climate action possible.

Neutralize specific footprints.

Many organizations get strategic about neutralizing independent facets of their carbon footprints. Looking to neutralize the footprint of your products or offer carbon neutral shipping? Want to provide personal carbon footprint reduction as an employee benefit? How about neutralizing the footprint of your financial portfolio, your company travel, or your scope 3 emissions? You can get strategic about measuring and neutralizing specific facets of your carbon footprint and start taking action in mere days.


of consumers are likely to switch products to those made by a company committed to reducing its carbon emissions.

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