Your stakeholders want substantive climate action

The people who matter to your business, from customers to employees and investors to regulators, require you to show environmental accountability. Symbolic green gestures no longer cut it.

With Climate Vault, you can measure your precise footprint, reduce it immediately, and remove it with confidence – all in one go.

Reduce & Remove Your:

Companies feel the heat to achieve carbon reduction.

Climate Vault makes it easy for you to measure and remove carbon from all corners of your organization.

Today’s top talent expects employers to engage in meaningful sustainability practices.

Offering sustainability benefits, like removing your employees’ personal footprint, helps your company stand out in a competitive job market.


Your audiences appreciate the value of responsible event planning.

Climate Vault calculates the carbon impact of your venue plus attendee travel, local commutes, meals, and lodging for events of any size – and reduces the entire footprint to publicly demonstrate your climate commitment.

Your customers care as much as you do.

Climate Vault’s integrated approach measures your shipping footprint and addresses the total impact from shipping and manufacturing, so your customers can feel good about ordering responsibly–and about coming back for more.

Traditional “exclusionary” ESG investing is growing exponentially, yet it has limited impact on reducing carbon at scale.

Climate Vault offers a better approach: hold whatever investments you want in your portfolio or endowment, then measure and remove its carbon.

You deserve a simpler climate solution.

Big problem. Better answers.

Carbon action is about more than saving the planet. It’s imperative to good business. Yet traditional voluntary carbon market offsetting practices expose your brand to financial and PR risk – there’s just no assurance that their impact can back your promises.

Our co-founders, including a former White House Economic Adviser, created Climate Vault so you can take credible action without that risk – your impact is auditable, trackable, and assured.

Carbon reduction in days, not decades.

You are accountable for results. The solutions to uncertain carbon programs are the government-regulated Compliance Carbon Markets. Climate Vault purchases serialized emission allowances from those markets on your behalf, then locks them up so no one else can emit that carbon – ensuring your reduction.

Even if you don’t yet have the data to get started, Climate Vault has got you covered with measurement capabilities to assess whatever facet of your carbon footprint you want to reduce. You’ll know precisely what your impact looks like, so you can make the best progress.

Next step: remove carbon for good.

Reducing carbon is necessary but insufficient: reduction alone won’t accomplish your organization’s most ambitious long-term sustainability goals.

Your Climate Vault reductions are automatically leveraged into support for the most promising carbon dioxide removal projects in the world today. The result: an equal or greater amount of your reduced carbon footprint will be removed from the atmosphere, forever.

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Climate Vault can measure your footprint and reduce your carbon in days, not decades.

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