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Verger was one of Climate Vault’s earliest supporters following the launch in 2021. Why? As an investment management company providing Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services to a select group of non-profit institutions, Verger seeks to partner exclusively with organizations that help improve lives and provide opportunity. At Verger, a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact is an important part of the culture, and this means taking action to reduce global carbon emissions.

As an employee-centric organization navigating through a historically tight labor market, Verger sought an innovative way to reward and engage its employees that simultaneously communicated its commitment to meaningful climate action. Guided by its ethos of “investing in the lives of others,” Verger turned to Climate Vault for a modern, novel solution that would provide both the firm and its employees with a meaningful way to engage.

The competition for talent is fierce and organizations must find innovative ways to engage employees beyond traditional benefits. Verger is pleased to partner with Climate Vault to mitigate our corporate environmental impact and we appreciated the recent opportunity to collaborate and expand our impact by offsetting the personal carbon footprint of our employees. We are always eager for new opportunities to live our mission of investing in the lives of others. Vicki West, Verger Capital Management

The Climate Vault Solution

Climate Vault and Verger collaborated to unveil a truly bespoke, high ROI platform at the intersection of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and human capital that has significantly enhanced employee connection with the ESG efforts of the firm.

With 83% of workers reporting that their employers are not doing enough to address climate change, and nearly two thirds (63%) communicating that they are more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies, Verger worked with Climate Vault to not only reduce its corporate emissions but also the personal emissions of its employees.

The partnership has garnered tremendous support and feedback from employees and is helping Verger further its commitment to long-term, innovative ESG and climate initiatives.

Step 1

In its first year, Climate Vault partnered with Verger to measure and reduce the carbon emissions associated with its operations, including business travel and energy-related emissions.

Step 2

In its second year, Verger and Climate Vault expanded their partnership to also reduce the emissions associated with its employees' personal footprints as part of their company benefits.

Step 3

As part of our consultative approach, Climate Vault met with members of the Verger team to discuss opportunities to amplify the partnership, showcase their climate leadership and generate storytelling and earned media opportunities.
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