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The Carbon Disclosure Project has designated Climate Vault as a Science-Based Targets Accredited Solutions Provider, in addition to a Carbon Reduction ASP.

CDP, the world’s largest environmental disclosure platform, scores tens of thousands of companies on their climate change, forests, and water security disclosures. The organization has designated Climate Vault as both a Carbon Reduction and SBTi Accredited Service Provider as of March 2023.

This recognition of the Climate Vault model speaks to the integrity of our clients’ initiatives, their commitment to credible carbon action, and our ability to secure a reliable pathway to achieving their climate goals.

“CDP has long-standing experience with Climate Vault as a CDP Silver carbon reduction and SBTi partner in the USA,” says Olwen Smith, the Global Lead for Transition Accelerator at CDP.

“[Climate Vault’s] services and expertise help companies to develop credible strategies for transforming their business models to align with a 1.5°C, net-zero economy.”

Olwen Smith, CDP

SBTi, the Science-Based Targets initiative, is a collaboration between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute, and the World Wide Fund for Nature. It defines and promotes best practices in setting net-zero targets that are in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global temperature increase.

With the designation as an SBTi solutions provider, Climate Vault will continue empowering its donors to achieve a quantifiable, verifiable, and lasting impact on their carbon footprints.

As Smith states: “With Climate Vault as a CDP accredited provider in relation to carbon reduction and SBT services in the USA, I am confident that companies have strong support to enable them to set targets and implement ambitious decarbonization strategies.”

The ambitious, rigorous, and necessary SBTi standards recommend that companies prioritize near-term science-based targets, as well as identifying “a critical need for companies to invest in nascent removal technologies” to scale these critical carbon dioxide removals (CDR) that eliminate historical emissions from our atmosphere by long-term science-based target dates.

Climate Vault’s integrated approach to emission reduction and removal offers the ideal solution to achieve an organization’s SBTi goals. We enable companies to credibly reduce emissions immediately, while also supporting the high-quality removals that will be required to meet their long-term science-based targets.

CDP’s recognition of Climate Vault as a Carbon Reduction and SBTi ASP reinforces our commitment to providing assured carbon reduction and removal solutions. Our partners strive for long-term sustainability; we will continue providing the highest quality solutions to support those climate goals.

Ready to advance your carbon goals with a CDP-accredited provider? The Climate Vault team is here to measure your footprint right away, guide you through your carbon journey, and support your climate goals.