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In honor of Earth Day this April, we’re shining a light on the incredible work that Climate Vault’s partner organizations and carbon champions are taking. Vassar College, Verger Capital Management, The Giving Block, and Econic are all taking action to tackle climate change, making this Earth Day (and the entire month of April) greener and more sustainable than ever before. Take a closer look at the fantastic initiatives these partners have lined up:

Vassar College: Sparking Sustainable Innovations

On Earth Day, Vassar College hosted the Sustainable Futures Summit 2024—a forward-thinking educational event aimed at promoting sustainability, environmental consciousness, and innovative solutions among its students and teachers. The event fostered a dynamic learning environment where students and educators could engage with like-minded individuals and experts in the field through a combination of presentations, exhibitions, workshops, and interactive activities. The Sustainable Futures Summit 2024 encouraged cross-disciplinary collaboration, sparking creativity and innovation among students and educators alike to help create new solutions to aid in the fight against climate change

Verger Capital Management: Celebrating a Decade of Impact

The Verger Capital Management team celebrated a major milestone this Earth Month — 10 years of Investing in the Lives of Others. On the anniversary date, the Verger team spent a day reflecting, volunteering at a local nonprofit, and celebrating with colleagues, families, and many of the interns who have contributed to Verger’s success over the years. Verger is planning a big 10th anniversary event for its stakeholders that they have partnered with Climate Vault in order to neutralize emissions from the event. Through Climate Vault Solutions’ innovative Event Emissions Calculator, Verger was able to comprehensively measure the emissions associated with hosting the event and reduce them via allowances purchased from regulated compliance markets.  Additionally, Verger’s reductions from their 10th anniversary event will automatically contribute to the most promising carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects worldwide through Climate Vault’s integrated reduction + removal methodology. This crucial step aligns with Verger’s long-term sustainability goals and helps make a positive impact on our planet.

The Giving Block: Putting Crypto to Work for Good

The Giving Block’s sustainable approach to cryptocurrency donations is unique among nonprofit fundraising platforms. All cryptocurrency donations being made to The Giving Block throughout the week of Earth Week and beyond will be environmentally friendly thanks to The Giving Block’s EcoGift initiative. In collaboration with Climate Vault, The Giving Block developed the EcoGift process for assessing the carbon footprint of each donation, generating a neutralization recommendation and executing on that recommendation. This April, The Giving Block purchased the vaulted carbon allowances required to offset the amount of carbon emitted from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations made in 2023. Through Climate Vault, The Giving Block will continue to honor this commitment and again neutralize all carbon emitted in 2024 and beyond.

Econic: Fostering an Eco-Friendly Company Culture 

Econic, an innovation, leadership, and organizational culture consulting group, encouraged its team members to create individual impact goals alongside their professional and personal goals. Team members can choose an environmental goal that inspires them, including: tracking their own carbon footprint and neutralizing with Climate Vault, opting for a more sustainable transportation practice, supporting local systems, and more.

Climate Vault and our Partners’ Impact

This Earth Month, Climate Vault is proud to release our 2023 Impact Report showcasing the progress we’ve made in the fight against climate change with the support of our individual donors and corporate partners. The report shows the tangible progress Climate Vault is making to combat the worst effects of climate change: Together with the Climate Vault donors, we officially met (and exceeded) the milestone of locking away more than 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in our “vault”. These vaulted allowances have reduced the expected damages from climate change by more than $250 million USD. This reduction in damages means people around the planet can lead longer and healthier lives, storms will be less dangerous, crop yield will be greater, and there will be fewer days when children must skip school due to extreme temperatures. Read the full Climate Vault Impact Report now to see what else our donors accomplished with us in 2023. 

This Earth Day, Climate Vault and the Climate Vault Carbon Champions – including Vassar College, Econic, The Giving Block, and Verger – are making a difference for our planet through collaboration, innovation, and sustainability initiatives. However, their impact isn’t contained to a single day. By choosing to work with Climate Vault, their carbon reductions are powered by verifiable, trackable, and dependable emission allowances – all the time. By working towards a carbon neutral future, these organizations are playing a vital role in tackling climate change, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow for us all.

Ready to make a difference beyond Earth Day? Join Climate Vault and its incredible Carbon Champion partners in the fight against climate change. Contact our team today and take the first step towards neutralizing your carbon footprint and taking credible climate action.