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Climate Vault Solutions Launches Climate Solutions Platform to Accelerate Climate Action

Software closes the climate data gap by providing companies with accessible and comprehensive carbon information to understand their risks and increase resilience

SEATTLE – Climate Vault Solutions, an award-winning leader in sustainable technology, today announced the launch of its Climate Solutions Platform. The innovative software empowers organizations to accurately measure their Scopes 1, 2, and 3 corporate emissions, facilitating informed decision-making and effective carbon impact management.

As businesses recognize their responsibility to mitigate environmental impact, understanding and managing emissions have become paramount. Data is being generated at a rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes per day, but despite all of this data, there remains a significant lack of cohesive carbon and climate-based data. In order for organizations to meaningfully address their greenhouse gas emissions, they need a reliable way to measure their carbon footprint, which requires an ability to access and gather largely decentralized data across the organization and supply chain. The Climate Solutions Platform was designed to democratize access to this information by providing businesses with a comprehensive toolset to measure, manage, report, and take action on their carbon footprint. 

Key features of the Climate Solutions Platform include:

    • Scope 1, 2, and 3 Coverage: Users can track direct emissions from owned or controlled sources (Scope 1), indirect emissions from purchased electricity, heat, or steam (Scope 2), and selected categories of indirect emissions from the value chain (Scope 3).
    • Precise Emissions Measurement: The platform employs advanced algorithms to accurately measure emissions across all scopes, providing a detailed overview of an organization’s carbon footprint and streamlining the data management process.
    • Reporting: The platform generates downloadable reports, allowing businesses to assess their emissions performance, set reduction targets, monitor progress over time, and reliably disclose carbon data for audits.
    • Actionable Insights: Through data visualization and analytics reports, the Climate Solutions Platform offers actionable insights to identify emission hotspots and optimize resource usage.
    • Direct Climate Action Within the Platform: After receiving emissions data, users can reduce some or all of the carbon within the software via Climate Vault’s quantifiable, verifiable, and transparent method that leverages regulated compliance carbon markets.

“We are excited to introduce our Climate Solutions Platform, providing organizations with the tools to measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Jon Cohen, CEO of Climate Vault Solutions. “By providing businesses with this critical data, our new platform enables them to estimate the impact of future operational decisions on emissions and to then take direct credible climate action within the software to support their emissions reduction targets. It is only through comprehensive insights into carbon data that we can drive meaningful action towards a more sustainable future. ”

Measuring and managing operational emissions is a critical step towards achieving carbon neutrality and aligning with global climate goals. According to Climate Vault research, organizations that proactively manage their environmental impact not only contribute to mitigating climate change but also gain a competitive edge by enhancing brand reputation and reducing operational costs.

Join the Virtual Software Launch Event

Climate Vault Solutions will host a virtual event on March 14 at 12:30pm EDT to showcase its Climate Solutions Platform and highlight the most impactful areas of the software. Attendees of the event will also have the opportunity to enter a drawing to receive free access to the Climate Solutions Platform for one-year.  Joining the event will be thought leader Mike Mattera, Director of Corporate Sustainability and ESG Officer, from Akamai Technologies to share actionable insights into how businesses can make sustainability goals a reality with the right data. Akamai Technologies recently became one of the newest supporters of the Climate Vault organization by partnering to reduce its Scope 1 emissions for the year. 

Learn more and register for the virtual launch event for the Climate Solutions Platform here


About Climate Vault Solutions

Climate Vault Solutions is a leading provider of sustainable technology solutions, dedicated to helping organizations measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint in the most credible way possible. Its integrated reduction and removal program leverages government-regulated compliance carbon markets to knock out carbon in days, not decades. This approach generates the environmental impact that today’s employees, stakeholders and customers care about and expect from organizations. With a commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, Climate Vault Solutions empowers businesses to achieve their sustainability objectives and drive meaningful positive change for the planet. Learn more at


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