Identify your organization's climate action stage, and receive actionable next steps instantly.

Transparent and verifiable carbon action for every organization

Whether you’re just starting out on your carbon action journey, or you’re a climate action veteran, Climate Vault has the solutions to help you take the next step with confidence. Climate Vault’s science backed approach means you make an impact that’s good for your business and the planet.


Don’t know what your starting point is for taking on carbon? We’ve got you covered with measurement capabilities to assess whatever aspects of your carbon you want to reduce. Knowing precisely what your impact is today sets you up to make the most meaningful progress.


Need quantifiable carbon reductions to satisfy your stakeholders? On your behalf, Climate Vault purchases emission allowances from government-regulated carbon compliance markets. These allowances, already limited by cap-and-trade programs, remain unused, further reducing the emissions in regulated industries in a trackable, auditable way.


Carbon reductions are immediate, but not enough. Climate Vault identifies the most promising carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects in the world today. These projects will ultimately remove your carbon footprint – for good.

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