Measure, reduce, and remove your organization's carbon footprint all in one place.

Your customers care about climate.

Recent research from McKinsey shows that products backed by genuine sustainability claims enjoy greater success in the marketplace than products which do not.  Addressing the carbon footprint from manufacturing & shipping your products not only helps the climate, it can help your business thrive.

Carbon Neutral Products.

Calculating carbon emissions in the product value chain is particularly complex. Climate Vault Solutions can help. Our measurement software and supply chain specialists help you complete custom calculations for your products, allowing you to offer your customers verified carbon neutrality in their purchase.

And, unlike alternatives that rely upon voluntary carbon offsets, the Climate Vault approach provides results that back your promises with transparency and trust.

Solution Pricing

Product solutions include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Immediate carbon reductions
  • Support for marketing & reporting carbon action


of consumers seriously consider a company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact when making purchasing decisions.

Case Studies
MARA Partners with Climate Vault for Sephora’s “Clean + Planet-Positive” Program
Verger Capital
Verger Capital Management Taps Climate Vault to Neutralize its Employees' Personal Carbon Footprints to Bolster Engagement and Retention

Operational emissions

Expand your event neutralization philosophy to the whole organization.

Operational Solutions

Event emissions

Neutralize the emissions from company-hosted events.

Event Solutions