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Remove your carbon from the atmosphere – for good.

Credible carbon reductions are a necessary first step for responsible companies. But what if your climate initiatives ultimately made a more permanent positive impact? The Climate Vault Tech Chamber vets innovative carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects to ensure your actions create the ongoing benefits that the world requires.

The future of carbon action, now.

To have any hope of seriously mitigating climate change, we need to see serious development in the field of CDR. The bulk of carbon removals will occur in the second half of the century. Yet the timeframe to innovate is now: we need to see substantial CDR deployment in the next 10 years. And that’s what your Climate Vault carbon reductions accomplish – automatically.

Get ahead of the curve.

CDR is the future of climate action, and with Climate Vault you gain first-in-line access to innovative solutions. Climate Vault’s Tech Chamber of internationally recognized academic, science, and policy experts vets innovative CDR projects for permanence and additionality. That means you can guarantee your carbon action will result in real carbon removals, backed by industry experts.

Stand out as a climate action leader.

You want to differentiate your organization? Skilled workers and consumers care increasingly about the carbon actions that organizations take. Touting your early support of innovative and promising CDR solutions demonstrates the serious steps you are taking to improve the future of the planet. (Plus, we can help you tell that story to the people who matter most.)

More than


of consumers seriously consider a company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact when making purchasing decisions. 

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